Trip Tip #2: 6 Hot Tips for a Hot Spring Overnight in Laguna

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Hotsprings or hot spring resorts have become popular in Laguna ranging back from the Spanish era until now. This is all because of the dormancy of Mt. Makiling, the volcano’s heat found its way out through several hot springs around it, blessing Calamba City and Los Baños with such special resorts we are all enjoying today. And you know what they always say, soaking in hot spring pools have lots of healing or therapeutic benefits that’s why visiting hot spring resorts is one of the main reasons why travellers/ tourists visit Laguna.

When you’re up for a trip with your family or barkada, it’s important to know what you’re up against, even if it was something you planned on the last minute! So here, we share to you tips on how to do things smoothly when having a hot spring overnight in Laguna:

Hot Spring Resort Pools Laguna Philippines

Hot Spring Resorts in Calamba. ©


1. A question we should all ask first. Am I more of a social person or am I more of a closed-group type of person? There are hundreds of resorts in Calamba and Los Baños but all fall into two categories known us public resorts/ pools or private resorts/ pools.

Resorts featured here at Biyaheng Laguna are all public resorts. It means they are open to everyone. Although you would be having rooms or cottages of your own, you’d be sharing the facilities like pools, shower areas, cooking areas, and all the other things with everyone. There are a lot of excellent and affordable public resorts all around Pansol (Calamba), Bagong Kalsada (Calamba), and Los Baños that you can choose from such as Southwinds Resort, 88 Hot Spring Resort, Monte Vista, Splash Mountain, Dona Jovita Resort, and Laguna Hot Spring. Most of these resorts have the ambiance of a natural spring and gives a magnificent view of Mt. Makiling.

See features, admission rates, and room rates of public resorts here: Calamba Resorts or Los Baños Resorts

Private pools are smaller resorts where you could enjoy exclusively with your own group. As you pass by the National Highway in Calamba you’ll see several men waving a board that says ‘Private Pools’. They could refer you to several resorts they know, but it always better to check online first so you’d be sure of the quality and the best prices. Prices range from P3,000 to P30,000 per night of stay and you’ll be renting the place as whole so there won’t be individual admission fees. If you’re searching for private resorts, you can simply find good ones here: Private resorts in Laguna.

2. The next question: bring or cook food? Most resorts in the area don’t provide food services, so you can bring an already prepared food or you can buy fresh ingredients and cook them on the resort. Most resorts (especially the private ones) have kitchens and grill areas. In case you cannot bring or cook food, there are a lot of available restos along the Pansol area which you can choose from such as Max’s, Anyhaw Restaurant, 88 Restaurant, and many more.

See list, price ranges, and specialties of restaurants in Calamba here: Calamba Restaurants
See the best restobars in Laguna here: 7 Best Nightlife Destinations in Laguna

Restaurants in Calamba Laguna Philippines

Restaurants in Calamba City. ©


3. The dress code. In case you are wondering what to wear, you don’t have to (swim)suit up. Resorts here don’t have strict requirements on swimming attires, so you could wear anything your comfortable to swim with. Also, in case you forget to buy floaters for the kids, a lot of them are available along the roads of Calamba.

4. The breaks can break. Book early especially on summer breaks and Christmas breaks. The hotsprings all around Pansol are quite popular so expect a lot of people trying to go there during vacation periods. Especially if you want to get the good private resorts, you must always book in advance.

5. Travel early or you’ll be sorry. Travel early even when you are scheduled late in the afternoon or evening if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic. Afternoon and evening traffic conditions in Pansol area, especially during Fridays and weekends, can be very heavy due to many other people also going to resorts. You can even get stuck for 30 minutes to 1 hour in a traffic jam on some occasions.

6. How would the trip look like? For the first-time travellers coming from Metro Manila or the nearby provinces, here’s a sample itinerary when you’re off to an overnight stay in Pansol, Calamba City (where most hot spring resort are located), after working hours:

6:00pm Leave Metro Manila
6:00pm to 8:00/9:00pm Travel to Calamba City (*1.5-3 hours travel time)
**Stopovers for quick dinner, drive-thru, and CR are available at SLEX gas stations
8:00/9:00pm to 10:00pm Optional dinner at Calamba Restaurants
9:00/10:00pm Arrive at resort

*Private transportation will take faster than public transportation
**Stopovers available for private transportation only

Public Transportation (Commute) Guide to Pansol

1. Ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz. HM buses are available in Cubao. Greenstar buses are available in Buendia/Taft. DLTB buses are available in Cubao and Buendia/Taft.

2. Alight in Pansol, Calamba City. There are several drop points along the National Highway.

3. Ride a tricycle or walk to the specific resort if it’s not along the National Highway.

Private Transportation Guide to Pansol

1. Take SLEX southbound.

2. Take Calamba Exit.

3. Drive along National Highway until an intersection (after SM Mall).

4. Turn right at the intersection.

5.  Drive along National Highway until Pansol area.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve last visited Pansol. Thanks for the very detailed direction. Very helpful! I’m not sure if I can still find my way if I rely on my memory alone. haha.