Stopover: Liliw, Laguna (Gat Tayaw Street and Arabela)

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Stopover- Liliw

Liliw has been one of the most iconic places in Laguna. We picture it full of busy roads—not of cars—but of people rustling through the racks of quaint tsinelas shops located on the sides of the streets. But to add more color to the story of what Liliw has in store for us, this one-day-stopover’s agenda is something more than that. And that color, of course, is all about food. The people are always so busy searching for those affordable sandals they take the food carts, food stands for granted. Sure they may buy from those stands every once in a while, but let’s take the time to appreciate the uniqueness of the flavors of Liliw, Laguna.

Guide Map of Liliw Laguna, Gat Tayaw Street

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The foods on the streets of Liliw have a surprisingly wide range:

The first on my list is one of Liliw’s specialties—espasol. If you are a food lover and you still haven’t tried one yet, then you should put this on your priorities in your bucket list. Liliw is where the best-tasting espasols are. Not only that, there are also bigger espasols here, good enough to replace a regular meal for lunch! It has a really soft texture and it graciously melts in your mouth. And the taste; it just brings me to a trail of positive words and I can’t even pick one. It’s up to you to find out.

Espasol Laguna Philippines

Espasol. ©

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Aside from the espasol, there are also fruits of different sorts. The common ones I’ve found are melons, mangoes, bananas, avocados—all of which are delicious. But there are also unique ones which is also the first time I encountered it. They are called lipute or wild berries. They are usually made in the form of a wine; it’s called the lipute wine (duh). I don’t know the exact proof of the wine but it has a pretty strong taste and kick, so if you love those kinds of wine, then it won’t definitely hurt to try.

Lipute Stopover Liliw Laguna

Lipute @ P80/kg. ©

Lipute Wine Liliw Laguna

Lipute Wine @ P150 per bottle. ©

Fruits Stopover Liliw Laguna

Fruits Stopover Liliw Laguna

Fruits Stopover Liliw Laguna

On the road I also saw a bunch of seafood. They sell crabs, tulingan, and alamang. There are even live crabs—no doubt you have fresh ones.

Crabs Stopover Liliw Laguna

They also have biscuits and breads—one of them which is unique. They call it the uraro or arrowroot cookies. it is a must try sweet and powedery treat made from arrowroot flour. There are also known breads such as the broas and barquillos.

Bread and Biscuits Stopover Liliw Laguna

And I will be a little surprised if I find no dirty ice creams along the streets. The flavors available are the ones we commonly found in our own towns: cheese, ube, and chocolate. There was nothing really special in their dirty ice creams, but the thought of eating one always brings a joy in my face only the dirty ice cream can provide.

Dirty Ice Cream Stopover Liliw Laguna

And, of course, fishballs and kwek-kwek—I think I have nothing else to say and describe about this. We are all familiar with this since it’s basically the symbol of street food in our country. It’s irresistible to eat, though.

Fishball Stopover Liliw Laguna

Since we are here in Liliw, we also tried the famous Arabela. It’s a small bakehouse / coffee shop located just around the corner of the busy streets filled with the tsinelas shops. My impression on the shop is it is cute—I mean it is literally cute, anyway. The floor to the ceiling is just about six feet tall, so be prepared if you are a tall person as you might just hit the ceiling and all eyes are going to look at you. But despite the smallness of the place, the interior is quite pleasing, with the wooden decorations of a typical Pinoy house. I don’t know if it is always the same, but the scent of the place at the time we went there is of a familiar Mexican food. Regardless, the foods they serve are outstanding. We have tried the Kesong Puti Pizza, and Lasagna, also some of their coffee, cappuccino, Mocha Arabica, and Cinnamon Mocha. Though it’s not the kind of taste we expected, I think it justifies the uniqueness of Liliw and their food.

Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Arabela. ©

Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Stopover Liliw Laguna Arabela

This dude is 6’1”. ©

Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

With Laguna Adventurers Toby and Nico. ©

Mocha Arabica Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Mocha Arabica @ P80. ©

Kesong Puti Pizza Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Kesong Puti Pizza @ P315. ©

Lasagna Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Lasagna @ P100. ©

Arabela Stopover Liliw Laguna

Here is Liliw’s story told in a different point of view—through food. It is actually a good idea to do this because—heads up—having and adventure in Liliw is not all that easy and pleasant. The place is open; these are roads with shops beside them. Now the bad news is there are always a lot of people. And by a lot, I mean a number that could make you stressed and make you feel like you’re in an oven, especially when the sun is staring straight down at you. But with food in mind, all that could go away. So while you’re enjoying poppin’ tags over ‘em affordable pair of sandals and shoes, savor the moments when you go to the food stalls. You’ll instantly forget the heat and the stress—after all, it’s food we’re talking about. *Yum*

Tsinelas Footwear Shops Stopover Liliw Laguna


St. John the Baptist Church Stopover Liliw Laguna

St. John the Baptist Church. ©

St. John the Baptist Church Stopover Liliw Laguna

St. John the Baptist Church. ©

St. John the Baptist Church Stopover Liliw Laguna

St. John the Baptist Church. ©

Stopover Liliw Laguna

Visit Liliw Today! ©


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