7 Laguna Delicacies You’ve Been Missing All These Years

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The answer to the lingering question why you always feel so empty and that your life misses something is all on your taste buds. We live to eat, so why not bring it to its full potential? Finally discover what your taste buds have long been searching for! It is time to feast on treasured Laguna delicacies to fill up that empty feeling inside of you. Yes, we all know you’re hungry all the time!

1. ESPASOL (click to view prices and where to buy)

This is a rice cake cooked in coconut milk filled with coconut powder which gives an appealing snowy feature. Heaven. It has a soft and chewy texture with a sweet taste that leaves you craving for more. You can basically buy it all around in Laguna and even in the provincial buses, but the best ones are offered in Los Baños, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Alaminos, and Pagsanjan.

Espasol 1

2. BUKO PIE  (click to view prices and where to buy)

Buko. Pie. Sounds intriguing and delicious at the same time. Yes, you have guessed it, it’s like an apple pie but instead of an apple, a young coconut is used. The pie has a sort of crispy “buko meat” on the top and has a soft buko fillings inside, and—with a bite—you’ll feel all the good vibes come to you and forget all other things. Best ones are sold in Los Baños, so if you ever happen to be there, you are obliged to buy one, or else.

Buko Pie 1

3. BIBINGKA DE MACAPUNO  (click to view prices and where to buy)

If you have already tried a bibingka, good for you, you’re halfway across the battle. But bibingka de macapuno? It’s the winning piece. It’s a rice cake filled with macapuno, a soft processed coconut meat. It has a texture similar to bread but it’s sweet! Definitely something that must not be missed. Best ones sold in Sta. Cruz. Don’t miss it.

Bibingka de Macapuno 1

4. KESONG PUTI  (click to view prices and where to buy)

Kesong puti, or white cheese. Clearly, white is the color of purity. And that’s what it’s made of, a fresh and soft cheese made from unskimmed carabao milk.  It can be eaten along with bread, or as an ingredient for pastas or burgers, and, trust me, it’s delicious, and fills up that emptiness the yellow ones don’t offer. It’s also found in Sta. Cruz, the home of kesong puti.

Kesong Puti 1

5. PUTO BIÑAN  (click to view prices and where to buy)

Puto, which is grinded rice mixed with eggs and cheese, may be a common delicacy in the Philippines, but “Puto Biñan” makes all the difference. It has many variations, with different flavors and sizes, making it unique to all the other traditional putos out there. Some have fillings inside, some on top, and can be as large as the size of a pizza. Don’t settle for ordinary, try Puto Biñan. Best ones are sold in, you’ve guessed right, Biñan City. 

Puto Biñan 1

6. MONAY BAE  (click to view prices and where to buy)

Monay, a common type of bread characterized by its large size, is also a familiar delicacy. Monay Bae, which came from Bay (pronounced as ‘ba-eh’), is another. Its appearance has no actual difference in particular compared to a traditional Monay. The differences between the two come out bite after bite—I’ve experienced it myself—in which case I would leave for you to find out why its life-changing. It can be bought on a number of bakeries in, you’ve guessed it again, Bay.

Monay Bae 1

7. KINULOB NA ITIK  (click to view prices and where to buy)

This is deep-fried duck recipe with an appearance similar to a deep-fried chicken. But I tell you one thing, it’s a duck. One cannot simply find a deep-fried duck anywhere. If there ever comes a time that you feel sorry for a chicken, probably because it’s cute, try a duck. You won’t regret it. I think it’s totally worth it. But seriously, it tastes just as delicious, maybe even better. Something to add in your bucket list. Best ones are found in Victoria. They are available there from small stands to big restaurants.

Kinulob na Itik

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Don’t wait your whole lives searching for answers, because the answers to that is food! And they are right here in Laguna. So fill that missing piece in your life with these fine delicacies that you’ll surely never regret. So share this to your friends who are always feeling down, and tell them that the answer had always been food!

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