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Having the same routine every Friday night in your usual places can get boring even when you are with your closest friends, so why mix and spice it up a little? Go for something extra exciting and more memorable! After all, Friday night gimmicks are not something you can always do, so make the most out of it! Fortunately, Laguna offers some places that give you an experience out the box, here are the 6 best nightlife destinations in Laguna that can level up your usual hangouts for the weekends with your barkada.


1. PASEO DE STA. ROSA (click to read more about this place)

Spend the night out with class along with your barkada! From unlimited outlet stores to exquisite restaurants and bars—they got it all covered. Not only will your tummy will be indulged in Paseo’s best, but so is your wardrobe and, of course, your time with your friends. All that, plus the great music they have while you’re having the time of your life. Location: Sta. Rosa City Laguna.

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Night Life Spots- Paseo de Sta Rosa Laguna

Paseo De Sta. Rosa. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


2. TITA LETTIE’S GRILL (click to read more about this restaurant)

Want nightlife a little out of the ordinary? Then this is definitely something you must try! Experience the relaxing ambience of a resort while hanging out with your barkada, accompanied by great artists offering great music! Step out of the dance floor you always experience in the city and have a taste of a chill nightlife, only you and your friends. Location: Calamba City Laguna.

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Night Life Spots- Tita Letties Calamba Laguna

Tita Lettie’s Grill. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


3. BERTITO’S ANYHAW RESTAURANT (click to read more about this restaurant)

Or would you rather go to a simple, yet unique bar and restaurant? Have a taste of the different, unusual, yet delicious grills the Anyhaw has to offer! You know it’s more fun having a good company, a good drink, and definitely a good grill to satisfy that tummy of yours. Location: Calamba City Laguna.

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Bertitos Anyhaw Calamba Laguna

Betito’s Anyhaw Restaurant. © www.biyahenglaguna.com

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4. PALMERAS GARDEN RESTAURANT (click to read more about this restaurant)

Or you want your nightlife with barkada a little more of having a native feel and a more romantic ambience? Satisfy yourself with the familiar taste of Filipino signatures and more with your barkada. Or, who knows, if you want to keep things low, bring the one you have a secret affair with and enjoy the romantic place without anyone knowing! I’m kidding, but…your choice! Location: San Pablo City Laguna.

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Night Life Spots- Palmeras Garden San Pablo Laguna

Palmeras Garden Restaurant. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


5. RANCHO MIGUEL’S (click to read more about this restaurant)

Here’s another one of the piece, a bar and restaurant which offers exotic Filipino cuisines for your pulutan. Set your problems free and talk it out with your barkada in this open-style restaurant. Take your nightlife level up a notch and go experience different kinds of pulutan not found in your usual bars! Location: Sta. Cruz Laguna.

Night Life Spots- Rancho Miguels Sta Cruz Laguna

Rancho Miguel’s. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


6. RSM LUTONG BAHAY (click to read more about this restaurant)

Or you just want to feel at home while hanging out with your barkada? With the restaurants lutong bahay specialties that simply can’t be resisted, good feelings and fun times are just around the corner with your second family, which is your barkada. Couple that with a very cozy traditional Filipino house-looking place, truly, there’s no place like home. Location: Calamba City Laguna.

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Night Life Spots- RSM Lutong Bahay Calamba Laguna

RSM Lutong Bahay. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


Here’s a wrapping-up tip: more memorable moments are made when you have fun out of your usual ways, so don’t ever hesitate to go out of the comfort zone and make the most out of your time. So whether you find yourself spending the night in Laguna or pulling of a late night road trip from Manila, there’s always a nightlife adventure nearby waiting for you!

Share this now to your barkada and try one out or suggest one of your own experiences from your most memorable night gimmicks!


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