6 Coffee Shops in Los Baños (Bitter Drinks For Your Bitter Days!)

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I know that these days, a lot of us are experiencing bitterness. It may be due to the relentless bosses who won’t stop giving you tons of workloads, to the clingy schools which apparently gives you a taste of hell even on weekends, or even to our crushes who keep ignoring us even when we’re doing every bit of effort we can think of just for them to notice us. Times like this—you just want to lie down and cry. But what cool is that? Showing how pitiful you are is never a good image. For those who are indeed experiencing this, why not bask in the bitterness while keeping your cool? Drink all the bitter beverages and turn the bitter feeling off and be awesome and productive instead in these 6 coffee shops in Los Baños, Laguna.

Thinking maybe you could use a little road trip away from the routine daily grind which gets you all loony and ditzy every single time? It’s the perfect time to power up and grab a brewed coffee because this café knows what’s up. In a growing community where everything can almost be acquired in an instant, you may just get dragged and beat up. Sometimes it is nicer to do and appreciate the longer processes such as brewing a coffee. (Location: National Highway, Brgy. Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna)

Cafe Antonio Biyaheng Laguna

Two words crossed my mind—bitter and sweet. It is massively similar to this thing we get the second we experience the genuinely happy feeling of falling in love and simultaneously knowing we are most likely to end up screwed mentally and emotionally. It’s bittersweet indeed. Now why do I say this? Well, it’s a coffee shop and a cupcake shop, after all. I could recommend you to buy cupcakes here—they’re great, by the way—and give them to the one you love, in hopes to recognize all these sweet little efforts. Or just have a nice coffee and be productive maybe because you’re bitter and hurt. Okay, hopefully not. (Location: Demarses, Los Baños, Laguna)

Saleefran Cafe Los Banos Biyaheng Laguna

A sophisticated nook tailored for students and teachers who have a pile of work to do. Environment-wise, it’s not so bad for a group or two to stay here to study and be productive. Coffee-wise, I am no expert but I hear there is nothing special about their brews and meals. Consider it as a payment for the Wi-Fi service. But, take note, there’s a Wi-Fi connection. Don’t ever take your potential “special someone” here. The background noise is not fit for an intimate atmosphere. And come on, you don’t want her checking her phone out while you awkwardly sit in front of her. (Location: Centtro Mall, Lopez Ave. Los Baños, Laguna)

Cafe Ella Los Banos Biyaheng Laguna

This fits the legitimately hardcore bitter people—those who have fallen in love and hit the ground hard and face down. All right, fine, maybe not. But I hear they have great kapeng barako. Harness the bitterness within you after having that cup of coffee and take revenge on the one who tore your heart apart…by studying—and—eating the famous mushroom alfredo. (Location: 2nd Flr, Vega Centre, Los Baños, Laguna)

Black And Brew Los Banos Biyaheng Laguna

If you are a fan of Ebe Dancel, the former vocalist of Sugarfree, then this is the right coffee shop for you. I don’t know his exact schedule but he goes here quite regularly. Anyway, the place is small but it is perfect for a quick, relaxing stop to have a coffee and recharge. You could also kick in a little study session while you’re here. And of course, will I ever forget to mention dates. (Location: Ground Flr, Vega Centre, Los Baños, Laguna)

Entablado Los Banos Biyaheng Laguna

Last and definitely not the least, we have Coffee Blends. They’re one of the first coffee shops here in town and they’ve been here for a reason- their perfect blend of coffee. This coffee shop has a great following and it’s probably because of the warm and cozy ambience that makes one ‘feel at home’. (Location: Atrium Bldg., Lopez Ave, Los Baños, Laguna)

Coffee Blends Los Banos Biyaheng Laguna

What I’m really saying here is, aside from telling you these 6 coffee shops in Los Banos, there is always an awesome way to deal with the aggravating feeling of bitterness. It’s not always the end of the world whenever our hearts get crushed relentlessly by people who treat us like trash. It just feels that way, but it heals faster than you think. Just think about this, success is the best revenge.

Los Banos Coffee Shops Map Biyaheng Laguna

…Or maybe you’re not bitter and you came here just to know more about the coffee shops. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be bitter. They’re awesome coffee shops.

Now, share the bitterness and good coffee with other people. 🙂

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Images: Photos from the coffee shops’ respective Facebook pages


One thought on “6 Coffee Shops in Los Baños (Bitter Drinks For Your Bitter Days!)

  1. Gab

    hi! i’m a student at UPLB. I’ve been to all but one of these coffee shops. i’ve never been to cafe antonio because it is kinda far. if i may, i think that if you are looking for a complete meal, then Black and Brew is the place to be. the amount per serving is definitely worth your money (i am yet to finish a full serving of mushroom alfredo which is by the way yum yum!). despite the not-so-good reviews here about Cafe Ella, that place isn’t that bad at all. Cafe Ella serves one of the best cakes around LB like their Oreo cheesecake and Grandma’s Chocolate cake. on the other hand, Entablado’s Dou Formaggio is a must-try sandwich (though i like that place better when it was Ristretto because the used to serve cheesecake). with Coffee Blends, i have nothing to add, you got it all right about that place. Saleefran? i didn’t enjoy thair cupcakes that much and i haven’t tried their coffee yet (but i will soon). Go to these places and see if i’m right.