9 Must-Try Restaurants in Calamba City

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We eat and we’re happy. We gain fats and we’re suicidal. But after a few moments, we still search for food and forget we ever gained weight.

NOTE: This article has a lot of hungry feels.

Every single time we hear the word Calamba, we almost always automatically associate the city to unlimited choices of hot springs. Everywhere we go, we always see people waving their little sign boards saying ‘private pool’ hoping to satisfy our desires to go swim in the warm water. But think about it, what about us, the people whose tummies always shout hungry? Our stomachs – though sometimes we are infuriated by it – are never full even if we eat a whole box of pizza, for some mysterious reasons. And we don’t see a single sign guiding us where to eat. So here, we took the effort and made a list of places which gives us a relaxing vibe, of course, more food to stuff in our sneaky ‘little’ tummies. Here is the list of The 9 must-try restaurants In Calamba City.

1) IPPON YARI (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
Here’s to eating out of our traditional ways just to make you forget the awful feeling you have for yourself after eating cosmic proportions of ramen. This restaurant not only serves the best sushi in town, but it also makes you experience the traditional Japanese style of eating. A little warning though, when the mad sumo eater deep inside you comes out, just make sure you are emotionally prepared to say sayonara to your dream body and dream abs so you can enjoy the rest of the best of the Japanese food.

Ippon Yari Calamba Laguna

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2) AVILES RESTAURANT (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
If we are about to compare all the kinds of bulalos out there, this is the kind of bulalo which has the ability to make you feel like it’s heaven on earth, but also feel like hell at the same time. Heaven on earth, yes, because once you make the first bite, you’ll suddenly enter enlightenment mode and you’ll think this is probably the best bulalo ever. But it can also give you a hellish feeling because in a minute or two, you’ll feel awkward as hell knowing that you ate more than half of the bowl already. Just remember what the others say—no regrets.

Aviles Bulalo Calamba Laguna

3) DING-HAO (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
This one’s for the large groups or barkadas who share the same dilemma — #TeamLagingGutom. This restaurant’s bulk orders are sure enough to satisfy the kung fu panda inside that mysterious belly of yours…for a solid hour, and then we’re hungry again. That’s how we roll. Do not even worry, if you’re about to go there along with 4 or 5 other people and you order set meals good for 10, we won’t judge you, man. We feel you. We know it. The struggle is real.

DIng Hao Chinese Restaurant Calamba Laguna

4) BEANSTALK CAFÉ (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
For those who are hungry and wild on the inside, but wants to just chill out with friends on the outside. Enjoy the warmth of the food you are eating run down through your throat while also enjoying the fresh wind at the rooftop breezing through your hair. It’s a definitely relaxing feat while chatting with your friends. And trust me; you’ll certainly be closer to your friends once you know how and what they eat. And you know you are in the best company when you guys are always hungry.

Beanstalk Cafe Calamba Laguna

5) 88 RESTAURANT (88 Hotspring Resort) (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
Ah, nothing like the taste of a delicious Korean food. This is the kind of place where not only your tummy will be fulfilled and overjoyed, but also your eyes, if you know what I mean. Yeah, you know how ‘em gorgeous Koreans look like. Just imagine how you’ll probably never date one because they’re so skinny while you, on the other hand, eat everything every now and then…but food—we’re talking about food. Hey, at least we have our favorite Korean food and all the other delicious food out there, so we got that going for us which is nice. And we’re happy.

88 korean restaurant calamba laguna

6) RSM LUTONG BAHAY (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
You better jog several times before going here and I think you should even jog on your way to this restaurant. Because I know, lutong bahay kind of food is your favorite, and you’ll be eating heaps. And I mean it when I said heaps. Don’t deny the sisig, the crispy pata, the sinigang right in front of you. You are destined to eat it and you can’t resist it. So before you go to a corner, lie down and cry about all the good food you’ve eaten and the 5 kilos of weight you’ve gained—for your belly’s sake—jog first.

RSM Lutong Bahay Calamba Laguna

7) TITA LETTIE’S GRILL (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
You’ll find great chefs offering great food and great artists offering great music in this nook. It’s a plus that we have good music to listen to, so we can stop listening to what our tummies and those intimidating food are trying to say when we had more than enough already. But if the calling of your belly is loud enough you can’t appreciate the music. Hey, I won’t blame you. The grills in this place are something worth the weight. Wait, what?

Tita Lettie's Grill Calamba Laguna

8) BERTITO’S ANYHAW RESTAURANT (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
Bringing you the best grilled food in town anyway you like it. You’ll be having good food, good drinks, and good chat with your friends for a good couple of hours in this place. All the great food and a couple of drinks with unlimited chitchats with your friends…this sounds like a problem-free situation, right? Unless you’re okay with a big belly, that is. Because you’ll surely have one when you always eat and drink.

Bertito's Anyhaw Restaurant Calamba Laguna


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9) LUTONG PILIPINO NI ALING ELY (Click to see location, opening hours, price range and other details)
At this rate, you may have probably eaten the most famous types of cuisine around the world, and you probably don’t know if you should be proud of that. But what we always crave for is the sweet and sour taste of the Filipino food. This kitschy nook right here is one of the reasons why we keep on eating. It’s because Filipino food are the best. And they serve a variety of ‘em. There’s no other way but forward…to gaining weight. That leaves you the question, why are there so many great tasting food out there? It’s like everybody just wants to see you fat.

Lutong Pilipino Ni Aling Ely Calamba Laguna

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So here’s the list of the restaurants in Calamba which makes us suffer for the big bellies we have now. Okay, maybe I’m just exaggerating a little on a couple of notes there. But anyway, life is too short to conform to what the society wants us to be. If we are always hungry, then so be it. Just watch out for your health though.

If you ever come to visit the city, be sure to try at least one of the restaurants we’ve chosen and tell us what you think! The opinions of our tummies vary so no hard feelings if your favorite restaurant is not included here.

Now share this to your friends and be proud of your big tummies! #TeamLagingGutom


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