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The restaurants that will always stand firm on their ground are the ones filled with people having big smiles on their faces. And a lot of restaurants try to reach both ends just to see the sweetest smiles of the people. With the perfect recipe of a well-presented good food, an undeniably great ambiance, and a reasonably fair price—surely anyone’s day full of problems and failed final exams (or maybe just midterms… or let’s just hope not) will be a day of rainbows and butterflies. Because seriously, I mean, this is good food we’re talking about. Everybody loves food. These 10 best restaurants in Los Baños we picked out, well, peaked our interest since they’re cool, and they’re fit for the theme—creating good times. Whether for celebrations or for a place to just hangout, good companies are formed here, and without them, I can say, life in Los Baños—or Elbi—will not be the same.


1. BONITOS BAR AND RESTAURANT (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

This restaurant is a great place for bonding and catching up with friends or even a date, but don’t date here if you want to do it in secret. Chances are someone you know will see you. The place radiates an ambiance kind of like our homes and I think that gives out a warm feeling of chatting with other people. It is also fascinating to point out that this restaurant uses recycled materials like plastic cups and spoons for chandeliers—it is a plus for the lovers of the environment. All the good things plus a wide-ranged choice of recipes, from our favorite Pinoy twists to mouth-watering brick-oven baked pizzas.                 

Bonitos Bar and Restaurant Los Banos Laguna

Bonitos Bar & Restaurant. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


2. SPICE JAR (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Spice Jar, a Tex-Mex cuisine restaurant, started as a popular food hub amongst students. Today, it’s a full-blown restaurant serving a wider market in a much bigger place. One would enjoy nachos, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and rice meal options, all for the same affordable price.

UPLB- Spice Jar Los Banos 

3. CHUBBY HABBI’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

While presenting a more simplistic ambiance, which sends off a peaceful feeling for you and a couple of friends, this restaurant is also a shout-out to all the health-conscious (Hello Nutrition students, are you guys health-conscious?) people out there. It is gaining popularity mainly because of their healthy choice of meals. More people in Elbi have become health-conscious lately, so if you’re one of them, you can check out the Mediterranean recipes they can give you. A good place to hang, good food, good time, and good health—it’s all possible.                   

Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill Los Banos Laguna

Chubby Habbi’s. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


4. DALCIELO (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Dalcielo is so awesome of a restaurant it even offers you two types of ambiance while having the same great food. What I mean is having two branches; one place gives the diners a view of a town’s regular day, crowded jeepneys along the avenue in the morning and the a couple dozen of students walking around at night. The other gives the diners a view of green and lush trees within the campus. Wrap that along with delectable baked goods, and their delicious main dishes. It’s up to you what kind of atmosphere of the place you’re up for, but with great friends and great food, it’s still definitely an enjoyable time no matter what.


Dalcielo Los Banos Laguna

Dalcielo. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


5. SATYA GRAHA (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

This restaurant definitely has the perfect kind of grass that makes you high—yep, veggies. It’s an open-air restaurant surrounded with, you’ve guessed it, grass and all sorts of plants giving a nature kind of feel. Books and paintings can also be seen around the walls of the place, so for those who feel the need of a kick to their artistic instincts inside of them, you might get inspired here. Especially when that time of the year where you need to do creative projects (“creative…”) comes. But aside from all that, delight with the veggie meat and other veggie options in their extensive menu with your non-breaking circle of friends. Jah feel?

Satya Graha Vegetarian Cafe Los Banos Laguna

Satya Graha. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


6. BUGONG (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Bugong has finally stepped into the restaurant business and surprised us with its simple but classy ambience of the place. It may be in different parts of Manila, but it still originated in Los Baños. The restaurant gives a laid back vibe which is perfect if you want to have a relaxing dinner. It’s also a viable place for last minute study dates…again with your books, since it’s near the campus. Also a great place for simple hangouts. Couple that with one of the best roast chicken products in Elbi.

Bugong Roast Chicken Los Baños Laguna

Bugong. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


7. JOE’S (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Joe’s is yet another small restaurant with a rather simplistic ambiance but I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel a deeper level of affinity once you enter the place. So I suggest you bring friends that you want to be close with, especially during celebrations. I’m just saying—it can be worth it. And who knows, it might be the place where you can take it to the next level with your special someone. Aside from their famous Lamb Chops, it’s a good place to have coffee with Italian cuisines and good vibes after the hard days of studying. 

Joe's Italian Restaurant Los Banos Laguna

Joe’s © www.biyahenglaguna.com


8. CAFÉ ANTONIO (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Café Antonio is a quaint coffee shop but still gives a grand impression due to its old-fashioned vibe. And here, I am sending a message to those who like to pretend or feel like being a coffee and shakes connoisseur out there, or maybe you’re just having a depressive feeling and just want to have a diet from all the fast food you’ve eaten for the week, you can still enjoy and savor the time here. You have an extensive choice of espressos and shakes with varying differences of taste, from sweet to bitter flavors. If you want something sweet, milk shakes are also available. If you’re bitter—hold on, pare, it gets better. I mean, there’s always the barako coffee. In any case, if you want a few laughs, or coffee coffee lang, it’s a great place to be.

Cafe Antonio Los Banos Laguna

Cafe Antonio. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


9. BAAN THAI (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Here’s a restaurant for those who are constantly seeking the truth out there. You get it right? It’s authentic. Well, Baan Thai exudes the traditional Thai aura, from its walls to the chairs to its overall design and ambiance—another restaurant that brings out a little change and adds a little more color in our Elbi life. Indulge yourself in the rich flavors of Thai culture with their menu filled with authentic recipes—seriously, no faking here. If you’re tired of being cheated on by all the guys/gals you’ve dated, here’s something trustworthy—coming from a cuisine that prides itself on tradition.

Baan Thai Authentic Cuisine Los Banos Laguna

Baan Thai. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


10. MIO CUCINA (click to view location, price range, and opening hours)

Mio Cucina is a small, charming restaurant that displays elegance. It is a quiet and peaceful place, letting you forget your problems in your studies or work. I mean, it just looks like the place makes you want to chill. Good for relaxing with your best buds. Plus, it’s also kind of a great place for a secret date if you do not want to get teased by your friends. It’s on a nook where only a few people go to so almost no one will see you. Not for awkward first dates though, trust me. For the food, they have a variety of good items, especially for vegetarians, but that doesn’t mean they’re not up for great tasting meats and pastas. No pressure, good food—excellent.

Mio Cucina Los Banos Laguna

Mio Cucina. © www.biyahenglaguna.com


So here’s a list to make the options for dating easier for the guys. Besides that, these are the restaurants that make Elbi a little bit better. If you are ever to come to town for a visit, do some research, a field trip, or attend a seminar, make sure to try at least one, or all of them. It’s definitely worth it.

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Now we know that we may not have mentioned other restaurants you might be looking for but hey—this is Elbi, everything is good in Elbi. We have different opinions on our restaurant choices, but…food, you know? Everything varies, especially when you’re starving. “Walang hindi masarap na pagkain sa taong gutom,” so take it easy guys! After all, it’s the experience in Elbi which is all worth it. And this is one place we will all never forget.


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  1. Peter

    There’s a place in front of Bonito’s called Daniella’s that’s got really great home-cooked meals. It started as a small store selling veggies and other merchandise that later on expanded to what is now a small restaurant with great selection of ‘lutong-bahay’ (their kare-kare is a must try). This might not fall under the category of the other restaurants mentioned (particularly with the ambience) but this is definitely a must try when in LB.

  2. Biyaheng Laguna Post author

    Faustina’s used to be on this list. However, we noticed they stopped operations last year and it appears they have rebranded. We haven’t gathered new info and we want to avoid misleading the readers. We wanted the article to serve as a restaurant guide more than as a comparative analysis.