10 Affordable Places Where UPLB Students Usually Eat

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As a community full of students, it’s natural that we are here to find the affordable places we can eat at. But the thing is, a handful of affordable places in Elbi doesn’t even have the courtesy to maintain cleanliness, even with their food. So we picked the ones who made a name in Elbi over the years–the ones with affordability, with close proximity to the campus, with presentability and unique to Elbi. Here are the 10 Affordable Places Where UPLB Students Usually Eat in Los Baños which worth your every penny.

1. Vat Cave Eatery. Caught that sudden craving of the tastiest Lechon Kawali in town? Bahala na si Vatman. Location: Umali Subdivision.

UPLB- Vat Cave Los Banos

2. Eat-Sumo Teri Haus. Here’s a quick stop if the Japanese sumo inside you wants to grab and gobble some of that sushi and Katsudon. Location: Grove.

UPLB- Eat Sumo Japanese Restaurant Los Banos

3. Spice Jar. Nothing like an affordable Tex-Mex inspired food on the corner of the street. Location: Osboy’s Building, Lopez Ave.UPLB- Spice Jar Los Banos

4. Tresto. One of two places in Elbi that a sizzling sisig is actually worth it. I mean, seriously, we all know sisig is not that healthful. But if ever you’re going to shorten your lives by eating sisig everyday, this is worth the risk. Location: Umali Subdivision.

UPLB- Tresto Los Banos

5. Bahay Sisigan ni Apung Piping. Apung Piping’s sisig will also change everything you know about sisig. Your taste buds are noob if they haven’t experienced this. Location: Demarses.

UPLB- Apung Piping Los Banos

6. Cel’s Fastfood. You may find Cel’s as a classic turo-turo style restaurant, but behold, they have a wide-range of exceptionally good meals. Location: Demarses.

UPLB- Cels Fastfood Los Banos

7. Big D’s or more popularly known as ‘Ramenan’. A nook with the most satisfying ramen in town for them ninjas. Seriously though, the place itself is quite ninja since it’s somehow unnoticeable at first. Location: Raymundo.

UPLB- Big D's Ramen Raymundo Los Banos

8. RM Cadapan’s Canteen. Longing for a juicy, crispy, and cheaper Chickenjoy? Worry not, Cadapan’s classic fried chicken got your back. Location: Raymundo.

UPLB- Cadapans Los Banos

9. Big Belly’s. The name says it all. This one’s for those who seemingly have a big void in their stomach that can’t be filled with an average-sized meal. Location: UPLB/ Grove.

UPLB- Big Belly Los Banos

10. Mang Toto Chicken Bacolod Inasal. A cheaper and more accessible Mang Inasal. It’s pretty much similar to Mang Inasal, only there’s no Angel Locsin. Location: UPLB.

UPLB Mang Toto Inasal Los Banos

BONUS: No time to eat due to a hectic schedule? Why not try these street food we found to be extraordinarily delicious. It’s gonna blow your mind.

1. Mhel’s Proven or ‘Provenan sa Raymundo’

UPLB Proven Raymundo Los Banos

2. Kwek-kwek sa Vega Arcade

UPLB Kwek Kwek Vega Arcade Los Banos

3. Ferd’s Grill or ‘Ferd’s Isaw’ Location: LB Square/ Agapita

UPLB- Ferds Grill Isaw Los Banos


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5 thoughts on “10 Affordable Places Where UPLB Students Usually Eat

  1. Belle

    4 out 10, pero syempre suki ako ng Provenan sa Raymundo (haha 3 sems din ako tumira sa may Raymundo). Tagal ko ng wala sa elbi, marami ng bagong kainan. Kaso tama nga si Chorvaqueen, bakit walang Papus? 😀

  2. Alain Nallana

    I miss the old Ferd’s. Nung wala pa yung kiosk at sa harap pa ng Agrix (now Centtro Mall). Quality and taste was way better then. Pero kalbo na rin si Ferds LOL!

    Also, Apung Piping is my current favorite. Affordable and all their fare are delicious. Distinctive sisig taste (especially the one paired with rice) as the smoky aroma and flavor really stands out. I usually drive all the way from Santo Tomas to LB just to satisfy my craving.

    Lastly, Brod Art’s Vat Cave. an LB institution. Crispy, crunchy lechon kawali all the time. Goes really well with their ginisang monggo.


    Had Bamboo Grove soldiered on, I’m sure it would’ve been on this list. Brod Ian’s baby. Masarap talaga magluto mga brods.